Bad Attitude Finned Primary Cover-Chrome csc-674
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Want to adjust your bike’s attitude and add some old-school style to your modern iron? Check out the Bad Attitude™ primary cover.

It bolts right up to a 3" BDL drive with the motor plate, and is easily adapted to other belt drive systems with owner-fabricated mounts. The space between the fins is open so you can see through to the pulleys.

This item has a full Chromed finish. Because of the nature of cast aluminum parts there may small imperfections in the finish.

Note: BDL recently changed the cover bolt pattern on their primary drive. If you have a drive made prior to 2007 this will bolt up as-is. If you have the newer drive you will need our adapter kit.

To be able to tell whether you need the adapter or not measure the vertical spacing on the rear cover mounting bolt holes. If it is 4" you don’t need the adapter, if it is 4.5" you need the adapter.

This item measures approximately 18.5" wide X 2.0" deep X 10.0" high.
  • Item #: CSC-674

Bad Attitude Finned Primary Cover-Chrome csc-674

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