Covell English Wheel Techniques - DVD 1000-19  COV-012A

Ron Covell brings his signature easy-to-follow style to using the English wheel, a machine notoriously difficult for beginners to ‘figure out’. Starting with the machine’s history and a clear explanation of the principles that enable the machine to move metal, Ron shows the basic ’tracking’ patterns that are used to shape panels of various sizes and configurations.

In addition to the common techniques of wheeling, Ron also shows some lesser-known processes, such as using a rubber top wheel, and doing embossing with the machine. Whether you’re brand-new to the English Wheel or an experienced user, you’ll find valuable information in this video.

86 minutes

This item measures approximately 4.0" wide X 0.5" deep X 7.0" high.
  • Item #: COV-012A

Covell English Wheel Techniques - DVD 1000-19 COV-012A

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