Friction Shock CSC-005
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This friction shock is the perfect addition to any “sprung” front fork, including springers, girders and leaf spring forks. The friction shock is CNC machined aluminum, the arms are about 7.5" long. The edges and lightening holes all have a distinctive raised rib. Plastic friction pads fit between the arms, and stainless wing nuts and spring washers are used to tighten the assembly.

As a builder you will need to fabricate simple brackets to attach this shock to your fork. You can polish the arms, bead blast the area between the ribs to contrast with the polished ribs, or even use paint to accent the ribs.

The shocks are supplied complete as shown with three arms, two friction discs, two stainless wing nuts and spring washers and a threaded stud.


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This item measures approximately 2.5" wide X 7.0" deep X 2.5" high.
  • Item #: CSC-005

Friction Shock CSC-005

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