Handlebar Switch Box CSC-920
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Here is a nifty little item for all you fabricators out there. This switch box is machined from mild steel and can be welded or bolted to your handlebars.

The back is coped so that it makes a really nice tight fit to your 1" handlebars.

This kit includes one complete box assembly. That is the box, cover, two switches and screws.

One switch is a DPDT (two sets of contacts with 3 positions ON-OFF-ON) and the other is a momentary contact push button.

You can also get this without the switches and an un-drilled cover if you prefer. There is enough room for perhaps 3 subminiture switches or two switches and a couple of LEDs.

This item measures approximately 2.0" wide X 0.375" deep X 0.75" high.
  • Item #: CCS-920

Handlebar Switch Box CSC-920

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