Headlight Mount for 39mm Narrow Glide Forks - CHROME CSC-931
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A lot of folks have asked us about putting one of our Rapide headlights on a sporty or Glide with the factory top-mounted headlight. These bikes have the traditional 39mm forks and mount the headlight off of two tabs on the top triple tree.

It’s certainly possible to drill the bottom tree to mount a standard bottom mount headlight, but let’s face it – that’s a pain in the neck and you’re left with two useless mounting tabs on your top tree.

We came up with this slick mount that takes advantage of the mount tabs and is cool as hell. We laser cut the parts from steel, hand-polish them and TIG weld them in a fixture for accuracy and strength.

They attach to the top tree with two bolts just like the factory visor making the installation of a Rapide (or any other bottom-mount) headlight a true bolt-on affair.

CHROME finish

This item measures approximately 5.0" wide X 2.5" deep X 5.5" high.
  • Item #: CSC-931

Headlight Mount for 39mm Narrow Glide Forks - CHROME CSC-931

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