Mordor Exhaust Tip, Chrome CSC-806
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This exhaust tip is named for Mordor, the land ruled by the evil wizard Sauron in Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings”. Normally we don’t name products according to fantasy or sci-fi but after a number of people made the connection to Mordor we couldn’t resist.

The real story is that these wicked tips are an easy bolt-on for most bikes, they attach to the ends of (standard) 1.75" exhaust tubes. We make them up here in the shop machining the parts, silver brazing the assemblies in a fixture and hand polishing them before sending them out for triple chrome plating. They are labor-intensive to make, but we really dig ’em. They are sold separately.

This item measures approximately 3.0" wide X 7.0" deep X 3.0" high.
  • Item #: CSC-806

Mordor Exhaust Tip, Chrome CSC-806

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