The leaf spring fork was designed to be built by an average home builder. Design options are presented to avoid the use of a lathe and mill. You'll need a welder (MIG or TIG), a drill press and some means of cutting your parts out.

All materials are commonly available, and the design is based on mild steel throughout - so no tricky 4130 (chromoly) welding is required. The leaf spring can be made to order by your local spring shop, or you can use an automotive leaf spring from the scrapyard. Cut it down with an abrasive wheel, drill the alignment hole with a carbide bit and you're ready to rock and roll.

The plans are provided in hardcopy format, on shop friendly 11" x 17" pages (didja ever try to maneuver one of those 48" x 96" drawings in a small shop?). There are 31 pages of plans in all. All parts are shown in full size; an exploded view and bill of materials provides all of the necessary information to build this awesome fork set.

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Retro-Leafer Fork Plans

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