Speedster Gas Cap, Brass CSC-206
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Our gas cap is a slick, flip-open vented cap that compliments the post war bobber styling. The Speedster cap is a modern take on vintage Indy race car hardware, and it’s showing up on signature bikes built by Chica, Paul Yaffe and Cyril Huze.

The cap bolts to a weld-in boss that you can add to any tank. This cap is brass hardware, weld-in bosses are available separately in both steel and aluminum.

Technical Specifications

The Speedster cap is satin finished cast aluminum, 3 1/8" in diameter. The cap is vented. The pivot arms are mirror-finished stainless steel, and the cap is available with the pivots and mounting screws in brass. A bung must be welded into the tank to mount this cap. A gasket is included with the cap, replacement gaskets and o-rings are available if needed.

This item measures approximately 6.0" wide X 6.0" deep X 3.0" high

  • Item #: CSC-206

Speedster Gas Cap, Brass CSC-206

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