Vendetta Oil Filter - Satin CSC-603
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Product Description

The Vendetta Oil Filter features styling to match our popular Vendetta oval oil tank, for the cool retro look. The oil lines are oriented to match the stock Panhead filter, but it sports a chrome late model spin on filter. You can mount it anywhere, including hanging out in the breeze. The filter comes complete with a chrome K&N filter element and line fittings.

This item is hand detailed, glass bead blasted and the edges of the fins highlight polished.

Technical Specifications

Milled aluminum, takes late model Sportster spin-on filter, or any filter with a M1.5-16 thread. Backside of filter housing is blind-tapped for two 3/8" UNC bolts spaced 1.25" apart.

This item measures approximately 4.0" wide X 4.0" deep X 7.0" high.
  • Item #: CSC-603

Vendetta Oil Filter - Satin CSC-603

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